What is the right amount of sex for your age?

The passion is still burning like fire in the relationship when you keep on track always. The desire of having it’s intimacy on its most peak level of the relationship is important part of it. Thinking of a regularity of your sex life and if it is normal are just a few important things you need to consider in evaluating the relationship you are in.

As so far beyond with age, it is indeed a must to ask yourself about how much amount of sex you must have at your age. Do younger people have more capacities of expediting sex than the older ones? What are the differences between the thinking of older ones to younger ones in terms of intimacy, sex life and romance?


Few questions popped out in the mind about the connection of the age to sex activities. There are several studies that proven the predictors of how often you get intimate with your partner. Some says that, younger people are having the most action with those aged 18 to 29 having sex an average of 112 times a year or twice weekly. That is how the existing activeness of sex to younger ones. On the other hand, ages of 30-39 drops to 86 times annually or 1.6 times a week and ages 40-49 drop their sex life in to 69 times a year which proves that the younger one are more active when they get involve in sex activity than the older ones.

Factors that involved the amount of sex

There are some factors that might affect the inactivity of older ones to sex. Older ones tend to have chronic illnesses that made them difficult to have actively engaged in sex. It entails the negative impact to the frequency and equality of sexual activity.


Field of work also adds to the chronic issue of sex between couple. However, it is important to note that the results of any one study shouldn’t sway too much. There is an output that says, a women in age 36 and older age group were actually the ones who are reported to be the most sexually active and feel that they are the sexiest in their mid0-30’s and it suggest that it boost their confidence up. It is possible to have the best quality of sex as you get older.

In addition, to spice little things up, noticing older people who tend to work out regularly, taking care of their health or promoting good healthy lifestyle can never get lost in sexual activity. Aged 40’s and beyond go far to what best sex has to offer for them. They can also have the best experience in bed or good taste of romance even if you are on amidst of your life span.


Is it too surprising that it is not obvious for some people that they are older? Have you tried asking their secret of having that kind of looking young kind of thing? It is a magic indeed. Well, the secret is to engage yourself into an active lifestyle including a vigorous sex life, a good exercise and healthy diet.