5 Common Myths Of Online Dating That Are Destroying Your Love Life

Nowadays, a lot of men and women turned to online dating site as a way to meet new people and hopefully find love. But despite the numbers of success stories, there are also those who are having a doubt about the efficiency of online dating when matching two people together. Along with this, there are other myths that stop people from continuing using the service.

If you are among these individuals, it may be time for you to learn the truth behind the five myths of online dating;

Myth #1: Online Dating is Not Really Dating


Online dating utilized a platform where people can get to know one another. Despite their busy schedules, they can easily use online dating tools like apps to help them find their potential partner and get to know that person in the real world. When they are comfortable with each other, they can decide whether to meet in person or not. When they meet personally and reached the romantic relationship stage, that is considered dating.

Myth #2: It’s Only for Desperate People


Not really. The fact thousands of people who have successfully found a partner through online dating say that it is not just for desperate individuals. Moreover, online dating caters to men and women who do not have time or opportunity to meet with anyone because of their busy work and lifestyle. It is not a desperate action since they are mainly there to get to know other people.

Myth #3: Hot Profile Pic = Hot Date


Definitely not always. The first thing you need to know about online dating is that anyone can easily create a fake profile. With a fake profile, they can also make use of anyone’s photo and personal information even without their permission. What this means is that you shouldn’t be so quick to presume that just because a member looks hot or gorgeous, he or she will be the same in person. Do your homework and learn how to spot fake profiles and genuine ones.

Myth #4: You’ll Hit It Off With Someone Based On His/Her Profile


That’s completely another myth. No matter how much you want to believe that the individual you like is into the same thing as you, you have to pause a little bit and try to get to know that person more. This is because it is so easy to lie and make up stories about ourselves on paper. Unless you really take the time to get to know the person, you’ll never know whether he is as good as his profile says he is.

Myth #5: Online Relationships are doomed to fail


Many still believe that love can’t be found online. And if it is, it won’t last longer. There’s really no saying or generalization to how well online dating can end. While there are those that have successfully found someone to be their partner, there are others who have failed. This will no longer depends on the online dating tool but on how well each individual supports the relationship they have started.

Online dating does not promise that you’ll find your prince charming or princess. Instead, it just helps to introduce you to someone who could potentially be your lifetime partner. Don’t let the above misconceptions stop you from finding your the ONE.